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On September 5th, JCRC-NY launched a digital campaign to call upon New Yorkers to sign a statement that Roger Waters is Out of Tune with New York, raising awareness of his use of anti-Semitic imagery, anti-Israel messaging, and advocacy for the BDS movement against Israel.Singer Ziggy Marley and actress Helen Mirren are two of the many artists speaking out against BDS.

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Christopher Sealy, Barbadian Sommelier scheduled for Atlanta IBMSFF launch scheduled for September 22, 2017

CHRISTOPHER A SEALY,   Certified in Food, Beverage & Hospitality Operations Management & One of the Caribbean’s - (Barbados) Top Wine Sommeliers.

Christopher Sealy, also known by his entertainment name as “Chris Mann”, is a young man who has spent several years in the restaurant, bar and hospitality industries. His expertise and most recent accomplishment is that of Wine Sommelier. His passion for wines and his knowledge of the hospitality industry has ignited his interest not only for specialized local brands of Barbados but also those across the Caribbean and globally. ( read more )


GROOMING BOYS TO MEN –The Barbershop Talk

The good news on the rekindling of literacy in our community took center stage at Good News Barbershop in Jonesboro, Ga. Local barbershop owner in conjunction with Clayton County Library hosted an event entitled, “Grooming Boys to Men: The Barbershop Talk” under the theme, “Building a Better World” on Monday, July 31, 2017 from 12:00 – 2:00pm, EST at Good News Barbershop located at 9526 South Main Street, Jonesboro, Ga 30236. Jonesboro Library and Good News Barbershop are interested in “grooming what is in the head as well as what’s on it.” (read more here)


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Meet Our New Intern

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Cheryl Watkins, Proprietor


Public Relations, Marketing, Management, Organizational Development, Artistic Management & Promotion, Internet Broadcasting. This company is the result of what happens when a group of professional media, and public relations individuals come together.

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“Immigrants are vital to New York State’s sustained economic growth,” said Jorge I. Montalvo, Director of the New York State Office for New Americans. “We encourage all New Americans interested in starting or expanding a small business to attend one of these seminars to gain the skills needed in the current economic climate.” (read more)







Rihanna Gets Her Own Road in the Neighbourhood Where She Grew Up

OCTOBER 16, 2017



BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Monday October 16, 2017 – The street Rihanna grew up on in Barbados will soon bear her name.

The government of Barbados has announced that next Independence Day – November 30 – it will officially change the name of Westbury New Road to Rihanna Drive in honour of the superstar.

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Join Aubry Padmore, host of "Straight Talk & Motivation" on Tuesday, October 10th at 8:00PM, Est., with Yamila Coby, pending author "Let It All Out"

Haitian American authors scheduled for Independent Book-Music-Short-film & Fashion Festival Launch in Atlanta, Georgia


Yamila F. Coby - New York

Book Title: "Let It All Out"

I was born in Cite Soleil, Haiti on November 6, 1992 but I was raised in the capital Port-au-Prince. My mother died when I was just six years old, I was raised by her sisters, my grandmother and my father. I am the only child of my mother. However, I have two little sisters on my father’s side.

I started writing when I was near eight years old. I was mostly writing scripts and poems. I was always excited, and I became very passionate about what I do. It was either the entertainment industry or childhood education. When I was ten I use to have lots of kids from the neighborhood that did not go to school in my backyard. I showed them what I had learned, taught them to read and write, etc. (read more here)


Join Aubry Padmore, host of "Straight Talk & Motivation" on Tuesday, October 10th at 8:30PM, Est., with special guestEmily White, Author - " Interning101. Discover the "Six Tips to Help You Stay Focused, Humble, and Passionate" 
While Doing Internship "Grunt" Work

If you just snagged a great internship, don't be surprised if it ends up being less glamour and more grunt work. But entertainment industry leader Emily White says that no matter how menial your tasks, there still is much to be learned. Here she offers six essential tips to help you stay motivated and get the most out of your internship experience.

          New York, NY (September 2017)—You landed a great internship and couldn't wait to get started. But as it turns out, your internship is not as glamorous as you thought it would be. In fact, most of your time is spent on menial tasks like picking up the coffee and running errands. It may seem like the work you're doing doesn't really matter. But CEO, entrepreneur, and interning expert Emily White says your ho-hum responsibilities are more important than you think.

          "Don't be discouraged if your internship workload seems less exciting than you expected," says White, cofounder and CEO of Whitesmith Entertainment and author of the book Interning 101 (9GiantStepsBooks; 2017; ISBN: 978-1-537-54764-0; $15.00; "The work you're doing really is important and you are an essential part of the team, even if your biggest challenge is taking out the recycling on time. And believe it or not, you really could learn a thing or two from the grunt work you're asked to complete."

          White, a deeply respected thought leader in the entertainment industry with business locations in New York and Los Angeles, credits her early success to the many internships she did during college. She has some crucial advice to help you stay motivated—even while doing "grunt" work. Keep reading for six tips to keep you inspired and at the top of your game throughout your internship experience. (read more)

CaribPR Wire, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Oct. 6, 2017: The University of the Virgin Islands RTPark, (UVI RTPark), the Specialist Economic Development Program, has launched a special donation appeal to support the Fund For the U.S. Virgin Islands on the heels of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

The RTPark’s own headquarters on St. Croix suffered significant exterior and interior damage from Hurricane Maria on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 with the building losing its decorative winged roof and suffering tremendous water damage to its offices. (read more)

Dynamic comic duo Rum & Koke of Barbados and calypsonian Roger Gibbs perform in Toronto on Saturday, October 14, 2017 at 8 p.m. at De La Salle College Auditorium, 131 Farnham Ave, Toronto! Net proceeds to benefit hurricane relief efforts in Barbuda, and especially Dominica.  For tickets and more info. please contact Alex Waithe at 416-299-6853 or 647-708-4141. Tickets $20 advance; Door is $25.


Complicated 10-hour surgery saves Bjorn Ebanks' life

CAYMAN ISLANDS (October 6, 2017) -  A 33-year-old Caymanian man is breathing again - with a sigh of relief - after the Health City Cayman Islands medical team brought him back from the brink of death.

Bjorn Ebanks' heart stopped twice, and he underwent CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) for almost 90 minutes before being placed on advanced life support and undergoing emergency surgery to remove life-threatening blood clots in his lungs.

The surgical experience and skills of Dr. Binoy Chattuparambil, Health City's Chief Cardiac Surgeon and Senior Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeon, saved Ebanks' life with a procedure so difficult that fewer than 20 hospitals in the world are likely to have attempted it.

Ebanks arrived at the tertiary care facility in East End, Grand Cayman via ambulance. During the journey, he went into cardiac arrest. Resuscitation efforts were ongoing in the ambulance and while he was being brought into the Health City triage area.

As hospital emergency staff refused to give up on resuscitation attempts, Dr. Binoy - as colleagues and patients call him - swiftly intervened, having just completed his morning rounds in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). (read more)


Customer service is all about what the customer wants, needs, desire and can afford. These features of engagement require communication and understanding between the customer and the service provider. Training and development is a key element in sustaining customer care. (read more here





Alicia Bailey - Barbados

Book Title "Silent War for LOve"


This book is about a young lady who has been raped, forced into prostitution, adultery; treated poorly by family members, and friends of family members. It depicts several debilitating events in the life of Alicia Bailey from the tender age of four years old. All encapsulated in the serene island of Barbados, gem of the Caribbean.
Alicia hopes that her story will serve as a warning to others and also a calling card of hope. As you read these pages may God grant you the peace and serenity she has achieved through absolute forgiveness of those who have threatened the safety and security of her life. You will enjoy this mesmerizing and unbelievable true story of pain, suffering and overcoming the odds despite a stacked deck serving up a demeaning dish of failure for Alicia.

Alicia has a jazziest voice of velvet and gold as she sings across all genres of music. She shares a passion for art, fashion and helping others. She loves ballet which has been a source of strength in her life. She has spent time speaking and coaching in the prison system of Barbados and in her church as well as personal time with friends while managing the horrific past she has slowly and steadily overcome. ( read more here )



September 1st, 2017

The Richmond County Black and Minority Chamber of Commerce Offers Mental Health First Aid Training in Staten Island, New York Part of National Initiative to Increase Mental Health Literacy

On Monday, October 9th and Saturday, October 14th, 2017, The Richmond County Black and Minority Chamber of Commerce in partnership with THRIVE NYC, T Ford LCSW Consulting Services PLLC and Silver Queen Chapter No.43 Prince Hall Order Easter Star will be offering Mental Health First Aid training in the following locations:

1. Skylight Center (October 9 th, 2017) 307 St. Marks Place Staten Island NY

2. The Reformed Church of Huguenot (October 9 th, 2017) 5474 Amboy Road Staten Island NY

3. Silver Lake Lodge (October 14th, 2017) Port Richmond Avenue Staten Island NY

This groundbreaking 8-hour training course (9am to 5pm) gives people the tools to identify when someone might be struggling with a mental health or substance use problem and to connect them with appropriate support and resources when necessary. (read more)





nyc_tlc_main_color_rgbPress Release                                                                     TB 2017


Yellow Taxi Drivers Can Now Lease on Commission:
The TLC’s Fair Share Pilot Announces First Participant

Yellow taxi drivers that lease cabs participating in the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission’s (TLC) Fair Share Pilot can now work on commission, rather than beginning a shift by paying a full lease payment.

New York City Taxi Group is the first garage to join TLC’s pilot and offer this popular leasing arrangement, and is doing so using the latest technology.  The app Lacus Driver lets drivers lease on commission, check their earnings, find an available taxi, and get on the road in a tap.

“Yellow taxi drivers now have more options, they don’t have to start their day ‘in the hole.’  Drivers will pay for the lease as they earn instead of regardless of whether or not they earn,” said TLC Commissioner and Chair Meera Joshi.  “And we are very excited that an innovative garage is providing this opportunity for yellow taxi drivers.”

New York City Taxi Group, a Brooklyn-based fleet that manages over 260 medallions, has begun to offer fair share commission leases to drivers.  The maximum commission charged is 35%.  Through the app, drivers receive the following benefits: (read more)

For Immediate Release

Source: Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA)

Contact: Greta Andzenge, Marketplace Excellence + 1 201 861-2056

CHTA's Director General Frank Comito 


CHTA points to progress, but government and private sector stakeholders must exercise greater prudence in managing communications and resolving challenges

MIAMI (August 27, 2017) - The Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA) applauds efforts being made by the region's public and private sectors to grow tourism, but cautions against the inherent risks if the sectors do not work more closely together to resolve differences.

With regional and global investor confidence critical to the Caribbean's tourism future, the organization called for more effective collaboration and pointed to tourism's immense contribution to employment, entrepreneurial activity, tax revenues and to its untapped potential to grow and develop to the benefit of the Caribbean's people, governments and the industry.(read more)






Global Village Book Publishing LLC is proud to partner with CARIBVOICERADIO and affiliates to bring this worthwhile project to the forefront of our independent entrepreneur community across all genres of edutainment and beyond.

Today we usher in The Independent Book Music Short Film Fashion Festival to celebrate those who have been credentialed in their field of endeavor for their tenacity and attention to their dream through their commitment, consistency and credibility through action.

 The Independent Book Music & Short Film Festival is the premier event for the Atlanta-based Web radio concern and will become an annual event streamed LIVE through a licensing agreement with its partnership with ComeSeeTv, USA. Several premier entrepreneur business ventures will be unveiled during the event. (read more)






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