Yamila F. Coby - New York

Book Title: "Let It All Out"

I was born in Cite Soleil, Haiti on November 6, 1992 but I was raised in the capital Port-au-Prince. My mother died when I was just six years old, I was raised by her sisters, my grandmother and my father. I am the only child of my mother. However, I have two little sisters on my father’s side.

I started writing when I was near eight years old. I was mostly writing scripts and poems. I was always excited, and I became very passionate about what I do. It was either the entertainment industry or childhood education. When I was ten I use to have lots of kids from the neighborhood that did not go to school in my backyard. I showed them what I had learned, taught them to read and write, etc.

I believe that education should be free everywhere in the world, to give kids opportunities to learn. This book is about me and about you. I wanted to create poems that people can relate to, inspiring them in knowing they are not alone. That someone also went through the same thing. I want this to be my first step to a writing career and a way to be a voice for the younger generation. To do something for my country, the part of Haiti that people have forgotten exists.
I want to become a foster mother to as many children as I can, whether in New York or in Haiti. I want to give them hope and love, a home and care. I will continue making books, hopefully chapters to encourage people to read, and to promote the job that I am about to do for my country. If there's one thing I could erase in this world it would be crime, because I want people to live longer and happier, without fear.

This book is about a young lady who has been raped, forced into prostitution, adultery; treated poorly by family members, and friends of family members. It depicts several debilitating events in the life of Alicia Bailey from the tender age of four years old. All encapsulated in the serene island of Barbados, gem of the Caribbean.
Alicia hopes that her story will serve as a warning to others and also a calling card of hope. As you read these pages may God grant you the peace and serenity she has achieved through absolute forgiveness of those who have threatened the safety and security of her life. You will enjoy this mesmerizing and unbelievable true story of pain, suffering and overcoming the odds despite a stacked deck serving up a demeaning dish of failure for Alicia.

Alicia has a jazziest voice of velvet and gold as she sings across all genres of music. She shares a passion for art, fashion and helping others. She loves ballet which has been a source of strength in her life. She has spent time speaking and coaching in the prison system of Barbados and in her church as well as personal time with friends while managing the horrific past she has slowly and steadily overcome.

 The content is quite graphic and detailed but also serves up enough information for the reader to consider the circumstances and events around this young lady who has grown through tremendous difficulty to become a woman of extreme valor inside a chaotic and very difficult life from a tender age.
Alicia loves being a mother even though for the past few years she was not given the opportunity to be since her divorce. She looks forward to being a wife again someday.
A mother of three children ages 15, 13, and 11, two girls and one boy from her previous marriage relationship of 11 years, she shares her story in open forum as she navigates her past, and gives God all the glory for her tale of overcoming and forgiving those who destroyed her childhood.





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