ABOUT SHORT FILM ENTRY – Filmmakers, as part of the festival launch we are inviting several short film makers to be part of this launch event. If you are not invited personally to have your film screened during our event you may still submit a short promo of your film to gvbp(at) for consideration

ENTRY FEES – They are no entry fees for this year’s event.

HOW TO ENTER – submit your short film via email to gvbpub(at)

ELIGIBILITY – Your short film should have been finished with edited version available since June 30, 2017. You must also provide a short summary about your film


MULTIPLE ENTRIES – Single entry only

INVITED WORKS – You are automatically selected for screening during our event and you must provide standard permission for the purposes of screening your film.

IF YOUR WORK IS SELECTED – We will notify you via email and hopefully you can be available at the venue or via skype to talk about your film with patrons if necessary

FESTIVAL SELECTIONS – Selections will be posted on our web portal

FILMMAKER BENEFITS – Your film will be viewed by by patrons, an opportunity for exposure and possible further paid screenings at venues we select after all distribution protocols are observed


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