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September 17, 2017

Global Village Book Publishing LLC is proud to partner with CARIBVOICERADIO and affiliates to bring this worthwhile project to the forefront of our independent entrepreneur community across all genres of edutainment and beyond.

Today we usher in The Independent Book Music Short Film Fashion Festival to celebrate those who have been credentialed in their field of endeavor for their tenacity and attention to their dream through their commitment, consistency and credibility through action.
 The Independent Book Music & Short Film Festival is the premier event for the Atlanta-based Web radio concern and will become an annual event streamed LIVE through a licensing agreement with its partnership with ComeSeeTv, USA. Several premier entrepreneur business ventures will be unveiled during the event.

Jeff Haynes, Grammy, Audie Percussionist & Producer, Pete Seeger, storm king album will be the Keynote Speaker & Performer at the event.  Alicia Bailey, author “A Silent War for Love”, and Yamila Coby, author of “Let It All Out”, will be sharing their story and launching their books during the event. Herbert Harris, retired entertainment attorney, will be sharing bits of wisdom from his book “The Twelve Universal Laws of Success,” with a focus on one of his other publications "How To Make Money In The Music Business" which is currently part of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame collection. Toni Norville, Barbados Multiple Award Winner, will be sharing songs from her repertoire, while Yvette Maynard will be talking about the new chapter in her book “Gluten Free Living – Sugar Free.” The event is being hosted by Aubry Padmore, Author, Speaker & Publisher.

The event is free to the general public, donations are welcomed; sponsor and limited vendor opportunities are available. To learn more about vendor and sponsorship opportunities please contact Future Quest PR at 404-462-9264 or

The event is scheduled to be held as a regional and global event at “MoonLit Global Artist Deelopment Center” 83 Maple Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10302– Saturday November 25, 2017.  This event is a quantum leap, birthed with the intention of reigniting cohesion of local, regional and international artists & entrepreneurs who fit the description of independent artist in the three fields being celebrated through this festival.
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